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Are you sick of hearing the same songs played again and again on the radio? Are you looking to discover the newest and hottest tracks from unsigned artists before they hit the mainstream? If you answered “Yes,” you’re in for a treat! Now you can control the music you listen to by voting for new music releases, thanks to UK Talk Radio.


UK Talk Radio’s Hot 100 Chart gives you control by letting you listen to and vote for new bands and artists with just the click of the mouse. Say goodbye to overplayed songs and discover the best new music from unsigned artists creating EDM, pop, hip hop, and rock before anyone else.


new music

How Does It Work?

UK Talk Radio features a Hot 100 Chart with over eighty of the best new music releases from upcoming bands and artists. To vote for your favourite tracks, simply click the green arrow next to your songs of choice. Additionally, you can click on the title to watch the music video on YouTube. For every minute you watch, the artist receives extra votes. You can vote once per song for every twenty-four-hour period, so be sure to check back every day for the best chance to hear your choice on the radio!


You can listen to the voted chart here, every Sunday at 4 pm and 9 pm London time, and Tuesday at midday. You will see which tracks made the cut! Why is UK Talk Radio the fastest growing station in the UK?


new music

Featured New Music Artists

There’s nothing better than discovering hot new talent before they hit the mainstream music stream. UK Talk Radio gives you the opportunity to listen to new music from bands and artists before anyone else, helping you stay ahead of the trends. Every week you will enjoy listening to unsigned talent, watching creative music videos, and voting for which tracks you think deserve the chance for a radio feature.


Immersive Experience

Don’t just listen to the radio; interact with it! Now you can take part in creating a hit chart that breaks the cookie-cutter mould and gives audiences new music releases they actually enjoy listening to! Thanks to UK Talk Radio’s interactive voting experience, you decide the genre and track played, making Sundays your favourite day of the week!


Ease Of Listening To New Music

Whether you’re in London or the other side of the globe, UK Talk Radio makes listening to the Hot 100 Chart easier than ever. Stream the week’s top music picks on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, and enjoy the best fresh music anywhere in the world.


Thanks to UK Talk Radio, you can say goodbye to boring, overplayed tracks and hello to the hottest new releases from some of the best unsigned artists. With UK Talk Radio, you’re in control, voting for your favourite songs and changing the radio listening experience. Don’t miss your chance to discover new bands and artists before anyone else on UK Talk Radio’s Hot 100 Chart.


new music


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