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Dr Jaymz Burning Bright with New Single ‘On Fire’ Originally from London, Dr Jaymz is the first missionary to become an EDM artist. Based out of Boston USA and inspired by Alok, David Guetta and Zedd, he is throwing down from the pulpit with music as his rod of salvation. Releasing three tracks in quick […]

Help your favourite new music artist or band. Vote for them now. You get one vote for each song every 24 hours. Charts from Sunday 20th until 27th November 2022 Congratulations To Purity of Heart A first Week At Number One 1 2677 CHILD OF LIGHT HOLD ON. Purity Of Heart 2 2453 BAD Xanadu […]

Ray-Eye Dittle   RAY-EYE is the professional name of veteran independent hip-hop artist and multi-instrumentalist producer Raymond Jackson Jr. The Gary, Indiana native has been making records for 15 years. He made his wide distribution debut in 2018 with the 7-song collection Full Swing. That record introduced a skilled emcee and talented producer with a […]

Sticks & Stones   The Latest Novel From Thomas Lebrun        The Book Sticks & Stones From The Novelist Thomas Lebrun Click Here To Purchase This Awesome Book This action thriller is a complex story of three people, their lives, work, and adventures, and what brought them together. The story opens up when […]

Lavender Jones M.D.   Lavender Jones M.D. is open and willing to understand reality with himself as well as others! Growing up was always difficult for Lavender Jones as he lived his life in foster care! From being bullied to being mistreated in various ways it was difficult to grow and understand like most kids […]

The Awesome Singer Daniel Michael     Daniel Michael The Artist Daniel Michael (born October 20, 1999) is an American singer, instrumentalist, producer, composer and songwriter from Rockville Centre, New York.     Click Here For Web Site   Click Here For Facebook Link   Click Here to Vote For Daniel Michael in the charts

Historical Figure Comes To Life With Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice Uniquely historical context once again lights up the unrivaled and thoughtful sound of Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, as their latest double-single release ADA presents the musings of a lesser-discussed yet hugely impactful historical figure. Dedicated to mathematician and scholar Ada Byron, […]

  Avalanche The Architect With The Inspirational new album, Let There Be War  Avalanche The Architect With The Inspirational new album, Let There Be War . This awesome album is now in the UK Talk Radio Hit Album Chart. Avalanche The Architect is a professional Martial Arts competitor who has for as long as he has […]

The UK Talk Radio Author of month Is Cam Roze The Draconus War: An Abrupt Incitement The Awesome New Book By Cam Roze   The Draconus War: An Abrupt Incitement Flamose, a newly formed being, King of the Draconus Ventures forth to create an army. when he realizes what his race is meant for, from […]

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