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Find services or businesses fast with the online business directory..

Find a business or service fast in our business directory 

Do you feel tired and need to get away from it all? See our great choice of accommodation in the online business directory. There’s a great selection of relevant accommodation across the whole UK from sunny Sussex to lovely hotels in Essex. Perhaps you need bed and breakfast then you can find it fast.

· Do you need car or house insurance? We’ve got companies who are well informed and qualified to help you.
· We can help you improve your life with our great selection of experts in everything from NLP to clairvoyants.


Get your company noticed in the online business directory 

The unique feature of our business listings is that you as the business owner talk directly to potential new clients and customers. This is  powerful method of selling your services.

You receive a whole page in our online business directory together with an audio production. There is also a link to your website and as a result it is simple for our listeners to do business with you. UK Talk Radio is even more powerful because your online radio advertising is on a digital platform.

Reasons to be listed in our business directory

  • A third of people who listen to radio in the UK now listen on digital. (Source RAJAR 2013.)
  • 7  in 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone. (Source mobile marketing)
  • 57 per cent of people have used their mobile to make a purchase (Source mobile marketing, survey 1,000 people)
  • It was found that unlike television where people change channels to avoid the adverts, listeners do not do this with radio commercial
  • Apple and Android listeners can also hear us on the Tune in Radio app which is free radio. No cost to the listeners – attractive to the advertiser!
  • Android and Apple listeners can also hear your radio advertising on our radio station.
  • Our directory uniquely features business owners talking directly to potential clients and customers

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to grow your business.

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At Uk Talk Radio we like the personal touch. So you might have questions about our advertising package. Simply contact the radio station on 01202 301027 during office hours without obligation. We want everything to be right for you. We think talking is often the best way of achieving the right advertising campaign ideas for you. OR simple click below and start your radio advertising today.
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182 days
Six Sensational months full listing in Uk Talk Radio directory. Your starter package
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275 days
Full Fabulous nine months in the Uk Talk Radio Directory. A full listing for nine months
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365 days
The Brilliant Booster Package. 1 Radio slot broadcast three times and one year full listing in the UK Talk Radio directory. Mp3 recording for promotional purposes

The Brilliant Booster Package.

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365 days
The Radio Personality Slot ● 3 interviews broadcast 10 times a month each month for 3 months ● Mp3 recordings of your interviews for use on your own website ● 1 year full listing in the UK Talk Radio Directory ● Use of the UK Talk Radio logo
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365 days
The Power Package ● 6 radio interviews broadcast 10 times a month each month for 6 months ● Mp3 recordings of your interviews ● 12 months full listing in the UK Talk Radio Directory ● Use of the UK Talk Radio logo ● FREE studio photo and 7th interview ●
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