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  At Uk Talk Radio we always bring you the best in Children’s Book. Today we turn the spotlight on Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey.   Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey By Jody L Slay   Purchase Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey On Amazon Sammys Grand Slam adventure is a heroic story of a child amputee that discovers friendship, […]

Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation By Eddie Beasley Jr.     Purchase Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation on Amazon   A man named 3 is destined to prevail over the trials and tribulations of Baltimore so he resides in Canton, Ohio, with his sister, starting his journey off with a bag of prison clothes to […]

At Uk Talk Radio we recommend & spotlight writers that we know you will enjoy. Our choosen author is Ian Flint Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring; Tale of Turning 21 Takes Readers on One of the Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventures of the Year   Combining the science fiction of alien planets and advanced technology with […]

The Featured Author For Four Months! From June To September 2023 Is Jay Roland   Shadow Of The Soul Blade If you’re looking for an Epic Dark Adventure filled with magic and mystery, embark on a thrilling journey through the perilous world of Ashana. Join Bastian, a feral warrior, Xander, a gifted mage, Kumori, a […]

Winds Of Adventure   The novel opens when THE MACGREGOR, the captain of the privateers breaks his gunner, RUBEN, out of an English prison and presses him into service.  They have sailed together before, and Ruben does not want to sail with the MacGregor again.  However, he has little choice. Ruben and the second mate, […]

Hold Yer Horses, Pardner   by Cody L Spencer Clever rhymes and colorful illustrations work together to create a “fun for the whole family” story about two cowboys who learn not to make assumptions. Purchase On Amazon UK Purchase On Amazon USA  

Boden, Bethany, Navek and Henna are wizards who have chosen a life of adventures. In their coming of age, they set forth into Tream Heartaya a place of wonder and art. They travel into the wild between castle towns which sit in their own worlds. Outside is dangerous, but inside is safe. On their way, […]

Sticks & Stones   The Latest Novel From Thomas Lebrun        The Book Sticks & Stones From The Novelist Thomas Lebrun Click Here To Purchase This Awesome Book This action thriller is a complex story of three people, their lives, work, and adventures, and what brought them together. The story opens up when […]

Mariam Shefiff with the must read book The Deep     Click Here For The Free Book   Only Free ‘Till Wednesday 15th August at 12 noon London time

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