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Maria Loulaki Life coach

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I’m entrepreneur, scientist, philanthropist, life coach and optimist dedicated to helping you remove anything standing between you and your potential. I’m a lifelong student and practitioner wired to communicate and improve the lives of others.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and have a passion and curiosity for people and life’s adventures. I came to the UK at the start of 2002 and gave birth to my son later that year. In 2004 my horse came over from Greece to join us and together we started to explore the beauty of the British countryside. My life since then hasn’t always been a bed of roses and the lessons I’ve learned haven’t been easy. But, as Buddha says in his Noble truths, ‘Life is suffering’. Once we truly understand this truth, we can transcend. Today, I’m proud to have a strong social conscious and an open mind and I want to help people globally through my life-coaching solutions to overcome their problems and achieve results.


Life coach Maria

Throughout my life’s journey I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work in life. When something isn’t working in your life you have a new goal to fix it! And this is where I come in to help you fix and remove unnecessary burdens and obstacles. And this is when progress will happen.

My commitment to you is to offer solutions to your problems as a life coach and help you to create a life full of balance and fulfilment.


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