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We have the Radio advertising that works. You don’t have take our word for it. Listen to the testimonial from our advertisers. Our radio advertising  packages will really help your online marketing with a powerful advertising campaign. It’s time to blast the competition out of the water!


• 89% of the UK adult population listen to radio every week, that’s 47.8 million people!
• 54% of the UK adult population listen to radio digitally each week
• 22% of adults listen to radio via tablet or mobile device. This figure has doubled since 2012
• 34% of 15-24 year olds listen via tablet or mobile
• 61% of the UK population use smartphones
• 44% own tablets
• 38.5 million people downloading and using apps
• On average, a listener tunes in to 21 hours of live radio per week

Sources: Mobile Operators Association. Statista – The Statistics Portal. 2015 & Rajar Data Release 2015

Extensive research carried out by Holmes & Cook for the Radio Advertising Bureau revealed that the average return on investment for radio advertising was £7.70. Put another way, this means that for every pound spent on radio, the advertiser receives £7.70 back.

This makes radio the second most effective advertising medium after TV, out-performing online, outdoor (billboards, posters, vehicles etc) and press (newspapers, magazines etc).

Radio advertising packages are powerful online

The powerful online radio promotion package. Open it today. There’s lots inside.


You’ve selected radio advertising package to get your message out to the wider world – what’s next? How can you maximise the reach of your message and ensure that you are getting value for money? We have developed some promotional packages. Each one will help you achieve this. Our bespoke structured promotional interview will ensure that your key messages are covered:

So many great packages!


Here’s the radio advertising costs leading you to a great advertising campaign

Now simply choose the advertising campaign that’s right for your business.

Your starter Package ▪

  1. ●A sensational six months full listing in our online directory.
  2. ● Each entry comes with a powerful Google Map locator that shows your potential clients or customers exactly where your is located
  3. ● One click takes our listeners to your Web site where they can do business with you.
  4. ● Upload one image to make your directory page stand out
  5. ● The powerful long business description that allows you to tell our listeners about your services bringing them closer to purchasing from you. ● Just £39

Your full fabulous nine months package ▪

● Your Full Fabulous nine months in the Uk Talk Radio online Directory plus everything in the above starter package plus full listing for one year  £ 55.00 for 365 days.

Your Brilliant Booster Package. ●

  1. 1 Radio slot.Your radio interview is broadcast five times. The benefit is that our listeners get to know about your products and services therefore become ready to business with you
  2. ● We send you an Mp3 recording for promotional purposes.
  3. ● The start and end of each of these radio slots has THE powerful radio station featured business jingle at the start and end the benefit is extra credibility for your business. This powerful radio interview will be used on your website so that visitors build up trust with you as you convert more visits to your web site into sales and blast your competition out of the water.
  4. ● One year full listing in the online directory. 365 days 2 plus everything in the starter package and the added advantage of two photos to make your directory page even more dynamic and stand out from the pack. £75

Your Radio Personality Slot ●

  1. ● This package comes with all the advantage of the above booster package and these extras.
  2. ● A powerful 3 radio interviews. Each one is turned into an audio production and broadcast a powerful 8 times
  3. ● We send you Mp3 recordings of your interviews for use on your own website and promotion
  4. ● 1 year full listing in our online business directory
  5. ● The added bonus of the use of the UK Talk Radio logo, this lends extra kudos and strength to your brand because unlike your competitors you have been featured in the media with online radio
  6. ● Plus the use of three images of photos. £195

       Your Top Promotion Package

  1. ● 6 radio interviews each one will be broadcast 10 times
  2. ● Mp3 recordings of your interviews for your Web site and promotional activities
  3. ● 12 months full listing in the online directory
  4. ● Use of the radio station logo to enhance your radio advertising
  5. ● FREE studio photo and FREE 7th interview
  6. ● plus the use of 4 photos or images. £365

Do you need help with any of the above packages? Then please chat with us!

Radio Advertising from

We are happy to talk to you because we want you be be happy

At Uk Talk Radio we like the personal touch. So you might have questions about the above advertising package. Simply contact the radio station on 01202 301027 or email (details below) without obligation. We want everything to be right for you. We think talking is often the best way of achieving the right advertising campaign ideas for you.

To take advantage of one of these fantastic packages, simply go to our Submit a listing click here Online Directory and follow the instructions at submit a listing for your business name to the Directory and your promotional radio interview.

For radio advertising costs for a radio commercails and radio campaigns not listed above,  price is on applications call or eamil (details at the bottom of the page.

Don’t be a Sheep who follows the herd! Get noticed with online radio advertising.

Its time to get noticed.  Start your radio advertising here



Radio advertising campaign to get you noticed.


All radio advertising packages are ideal for promoting any events or special offers you have coming up in the following months and can be built into the marketing plan for your business. You will be building awareness and trust in the audience due to the frequency of your appearances.

With regular radio interviews, you do your interview and that’s the end of it. With us, you receive an mp3 of your interview which you are free to use on your website or wherever you wish. Current research indicates that any visual or audio content on websites positively affects Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, you become more obvious on the Web! This is a cost-effective solution to raising awareness of your business and generating more customers.

In addition, with your interview, you have full editorial control. It’s your message and you tell us what you would like to focus on. Therefore what our listeners hear will be what you want them to hear.

UK Talk Radio gets between 200-240,000 hits per month at Our website contains interesting content about our clients with a link to take listeners directly to your website, ready for our listeners to engage with you and do business. Entry in our online directory is another effective way to reach potential customers who are looking for businesses they can trust. In addition, it can help raise your visibility on the world wide web by contributing to your Search Engine Optimisation.

The Power Promotion monthly radio slot……

We have a limited amount of our popular powerful promotion packages left. These would see you on the radio once a month. You will receive a copy of the interview for promotion purposes including having this on your own website. These give you an advantage over competitors so that you can blast them out of the water as you convert more visits to you website into sales.
You will also have your own directory page on the UK Talk Radio website which our listeners use to find businesses. Each page contains SEO to assist you in finding you potential customers local to you.
This package suits a smaller business. It has a smaller price tag while offering Powerful Promotion!

To find out more, use the email below. There is no obligation and we will help you and suggest ideas that we feel will push your business forward. Sometimes we all need a little help!

On the message part of the email it would help us if you tell us about your business.

Do your customers come to your office?

Do they buy from your web site?

How effective is your web site at converting visits into sales?

Do you feel you are often rushing around but achieve little?


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