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Sponsor Jonathan Hines’s Lunchtime Show. Radio Sponsorship gives you credibility for your brand and also for your website . Many radio stations have forgotten how powerful it is to have radio station logos and radio station interviews on your website. It makes you stand miles above the competitors.  This form of radio sponsorship gives extra credibility to your website. Included in the package, you will hear the name of your company on the lunchtime show Monday to Friday 12 until 3pm , 4 times a day. That’s 20 times per week and a massive 80 times a month or more !


The studios of UK Talk Radio

Sponsor the lunchtime presenter Jonathan Hines

In addition, as part of the package, our highly targeted interviews which work well on your website because people get to know you as a person, before they’ve even met you. The benefit is that they are starting to trust you and are now a step closer to emailing or telephoning you, to do business !


                                     SPONSOR THE LATE NIGHT RADIO SHOW

Geoff Carter’s popular radio show has built up a following from people who have a thirst to know more about ghost walks, ghost hunting, life style, supernatural, humour and more. The show also mixes reviews of classic music videos. Our listeners love to interact with this feature.

The breakfast show with Geoff Carter

Sponsor radio presenter Geoff Carter on the late night radio show

A powerful way to reach people is by sponsoring The Geoff Carter podcast. This podcast advertising which is monthly will feature your brand’s name at the beginning and the end. This podcast will feature an interview with you, together with the popular highlights of the show.

Real Radio Super sponsorship

So decide which show you would like to sponsor, Then decide of you would like 2 months, 3 months or a super 5 months

A Jonathan Hines lunchtime Show

Real Radio Super Sponsorship with JH

B Geoff Carter’s Late Night radio Show 

Real Radio Super Sponsor with Geoff


                                HAVE YOUR OWN MONTHLY RADIO FEATURE !


You will be featured on the radio for a minimum of 3 months. Each interview is highly targeted, featuring Twitter and Facebook posts on each of your interviews. This will help you to reach even more people and let them know about your product or service. There are very few businesses that have their own radio show. This is a powerful method of giving you extra credibility and promotion.

a photo of winners who choose online advertising Sussex with UK talk radio

Be a winner with a monthly Radio slot

Monthly Mammoth Radio Slot





You may have questions, you may have ideas so give us a call and we will help  with your radio sponsorship.Once you have this information you can make an informed decision for yourself  as to whether you would like to work with us.

If you would like to start with a smaller directory entry which our listeners use all the time to find businesses then click this link After working with us in our directory, we feel confident that once you have seen the benefits you will come back to us to look at some radio show sponsorship or perhaps to try a monthly radio slot.


Listen to the best of the late show

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