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Misery on the trains and should we talk to devices such as Alexa

Here is our first radio phone in subject, you can also email your thoughts. It’s trouble on the tracks as the Boss of Network rail is to be awarded a CBE. He also earned over £820,000 last year. Many are outraged saying he is the man who has derailed the train service.


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The Trains are no longer on track!


The strikes started on southern Rail services more than 2 years ago over Driver only operated trains. When compared with many other European countries it is astounding how poor, and how expensive our rail system is. 2 years on, the shambles at Southern Rail is far from resolved with more travel chaos, delays and cancellations to come. There’s one thing you can definitely rely on if you’re travelling on Southern Rail – There’ll be a delay or cancellation !

Have you been caught up in this? Have you suffered as a result of continual cancellations of trains ?
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What no trains? We talk misery on the tracks. Has it affected you?

Now, due to revised train services many services in the North are not running or have been cancelled and people are not getting to work on time, and relationships are suffering too !
If you thought our railway system was chaotically fragmented with so many different companies privately operating the railways of different regions, get this ! – Train timetables are normally drawn up 16 months or so in advance but these were drawn up and finalised just a matter of weeks beforehand ! We have a paradox whereby we have improvements, better technology and new lines…….But not enough drivers adequately trained for each of the individual types of trains ! Transport Minister Mr. Chris Grayling has been fiercely attacked by many over this bedlam but proponents of nationalisation would concur that it is very hard to know who to point the finger of responsibility at amidst such a complex system.

What can we do ? If you have suffered as a result of train chaos, let us know how you have suffered. As you have travelled on the trains, what specific problems have you noticed ? How do you think we can improve the rail network ? We would really love to know what you have to say ! Please use your voice now.

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Should we trust the internet and devices like Alexa


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Uk Talk Radio phone ins subject should we use the internet?

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