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These talk radio subjects are on Geoff Carter’s Monday late-night radio show every Monday at 9 pm and Friday’s breakfast show 7 am.

Email now.  Tell us what drives you mad. Miserable people who work in shop, bad drivers, people who grumble ‘cos the weather is too hot!

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Mad motorists drive Geoff mad and here’s why!


One of the many talk radio subjects Geoff is fascinated by -The supernatural

Many fiction writers from Stephen King to James Herbert have had us imagining the wind rattling the window is a ghostly spirit attempting to get in. So is the supernatural merely imagined? Or this there more to it?

Have you seen a ghost? Tell us about your experience. What did you see? If you have a theory about what a ghost might be, please share it with us.

If you don’t believe that ghosts exist, what makes you so sure? How can you be sure that the souls of the departed don’t drift around the earth looking for a resolution to an earthly conflict. Maybe you think that people who have these kinds of beliefs are so sad that they say they’ve seen ghosts to make themselves feel important.

Simply choose one of our talk radio subjects and email us your thoughts. We’ll read out the best. Which also earns you a shout out on UK Talk Radio.

If you think that you can do a great job of expressing your view on the phone. Let us know in your email and you will be the star of the show as your friends etc hear chatting about one of the UK Talk Radio subjects.


Richard Jones talks about ghosts in London

What do you think ghosts are? Do they exist?


Money, strange things and dating

Do you think it’s old fashion to believe that a man should pay for everything on a date? Surely, if we are all earning money we should pay half each. Better still if the lady earns more then she should pay the lot. Come on folks, it’s 2018 not 1950 says Monday’s late-night radio host Geoff Carter.

What’s the funniest or strangest thing that happened to you on a date?

Here’s another talk radio topic we’d love your thoughts on. What’s the best present you’ve ever bought yourself and why?


Don’t get me started

Tell us what drives you crackers. At Uk Talk Radio we hate motorists who chuck cigarettes ends out of a moving car. People phoning you to sell you something you don’t need and it’s normally the moment that you sit down to eat. People who mumble!

Tell the world. Get it off your chest!

What do you think?


These are the radio show topics we’re chatting about for Breakfast on Friday’s around 7.30 am and the late-night radio show on Monday’s 9pm. That’s during March.  You can hear the free podcasts of Geoff Carter late night show right now!


 Jonathan Hines suggest great talk radio subjects for his launch time radio show

Jonathan is still smiling about how predictable X-factor is.

Stupid touchscreen menu ordering systems says Uk Talk Radio’s lunchtime presenter!

I loath these touchscreen ordering systems in a certain high street fast food chain, with there many confusing options. For Pity’s sake, if I’d wanted a brainteaser I’d go and watch Countdown or Pointless !! Maybe I’m getting old but what was wrong with the traditional ordering method at the counter ?? If anything, these touchscreen menu and ordering systems actually make it take longer ! And to me it seems that the wait is actually longer for your order now ! They say it’s progress but is all progress good progress ? I’m very cynical. It’s just damaging peoples’ jobs and eroding face to face human contact more and more and we should go back to the way we’ve done it for years. And they make it so hard to pay by cash instead of by card ! Are they too lazy and thick to train staff who can actually add up and handle money and am I a second class citizen with my cash ?!


Ban the X-factor and The Voice says presenter Jonathan Hines who would prefer to watch a blank TV screen

”This means everything to me ! ”  ”It’s what I’ve wanted all my life !” …….(even though I’m only 20 and I haven’t even had a life yet !) The sort of clichéd comments that you hear so often from contestants on shows like X-Factor and The Voice I find nauseating, I really do ! There’s virtually no originality in most of the comments and intros from the contestants, they’re cheesy, cliché and repetitive and I find it shocking that the production staff don’t tell them how predictable and naff they sound and advise them on better, more creative things to say ! It’s so staged and formulaic – and the judges aren’t much better – ”I really regret that I didn’t turn for you, I should have turned ” etc etc.
Well I for one won’t be ‘turning’ for X-Factor or The Voice !

Unless YOU can persuade me otherwise, I’m going to be emailing these shows later today to tell them they should be banned with immediate effect !


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