Month: March 2023

  Akoben   Raised in East London, Akoben was fed been influenced by Everything from Ghanaian Highlife, Rnb, HipHop, deep-house etc He started His collaborative music Journey with the right artist in 2020. With His first single called “Akwaaba” He has continued to develop sounds and more releasing more singles with Afrobeat with other international […]

Olya K   About The Artist Olya K – international singer-songwriter living her Californian dream. Best known for her hit dance-pop song “Hollywood,” She joined her first cover band at twenty years old and has been performing ever since. Olya was born and raised in Bulgaria, before relocating to downtown Nashville. Here she got the […]

Rodney Standlee   Purchase On Amazon   My name is Rodney Standlee and I am from Meeker Oklahoma in the United States. I have been writing songs for over twenty years. I enjoy the process of telling stories in a way that cause the listener to actually create in their minds, imagery from their own […]

  Gary Louca, The Spirit of Toronto The Official Trailer     Vote for The Spirit Of Toronto In The Official Uk Talk Radio Hot 100   More On The Spirit Of Toronto   The Spirit of Toronto       Also, Remember When! With The 80s At 8

LOVE IN ANOTHER TIME by Lexa Dudley LOVE IN ANOTHER TIME A SARDINIAN SAGA by Lexa Dudley   England, 1947. Ellie Montford is sent to boarding school by her cold and distant parents, joining her best friend’s family on their farm for the holidays. She forges a bond with her friend’s brother, Simon, who promises to marry her […]

“The Room”: Majic’s Mind-Blowing Rock Music Album That Will Leave You Begging for More!   The Big Radio Interview   This is the Download For The Radio Interview With Rock Band Majic  Click on the link first and then click the three dots on the right to download and own a copy ‘The Room’ by Majic […]

Steven Paul Lieberman Is The The King Of Jewish Punk     Steven Paul Lieberman (born June 21, 1958), also known as the Gangsta Rabbi and The King of Jewish Punk, (Hebrew name ליב פרץ בין אליאזר ה־בדלן ה־נזדי or Lev Ava’ran bar-Eli’ezar ha-Bad’lan ha-Naz’ari) is an American punk rock /metal singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental musician, […]

Winds Of Adventure   The novel opens when THE MACGREGOR, the captain of the privateers breaks his gunner, RUBEN, out of an English prison and presses him into service.  They have sailed together before, and Ruben does not want to sail with the MacGregor again.  However, he has little choice. Ruben and the second mate, […]

  Music From Cameron Sean   Hip-hop artist Cameron Smith and songwriter is a breath of fresh air to the music scene with lyrics saturated in grippingly raw and wholehearted, genuine perspective for which the genre is known. At 18 years old, he had topped national charts, taking over the #1 spot on college radio […]

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