Real encounters with extraterrestrials!

Extraterrestrial sightings in UK

Extraterrestrial sightings in the UK

Bryan Wood will be talking to Dave Hodrien the chair of the Birmingham UFO group in the third of a series of interviews about the UFO phenomina.

The radio interviews

This interview focuses on contact which is where people claim to have seen actual beings that they believe maybe extra terrestrial.  There are four main types reported and all are discussed in this interview including the greys probably the most recognizable alien being of them all with the big eyes that feature in many film and television shows including the X Files and the movie Paul.  Dave who investigates actual contact cases and meets with people who have close encounters with these beings from space has a very broad and open mind with many questions about the UFO subject still to be answered.  These extraterrestrials interviews with Dave have been very well received by our listeners.





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