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Rate this 80’s pop video about that cocktail bar

A picture of the pop video bsnd the Human League.Rate this pop video for Geoff Carter's the Friday show at 9 p.m.

Rate the pop video, Don’t you want me

Cheesy, classic or bad?  Rate this pop video and the song for Geoff Carter’s Friday late night radio show at 9pm.

It’s a misty night and a car sweeps along a road. Beams from the headlights pierce the fog. We see a girl standing by the side of the road. Next the classic line is delivered. You were working as waitress in a cocktail bar when I first met you.

We soon learn in this pop video that we are watching a film being made. Lead singer Phil Oakey as the main character is a producer and he’s not happy that girl he once dated is now a star and she’s moved on from him.


 this is a photo of pop video band the Human League

Rate this music video for Geoff Carter’s Friday radio programme at 9 p.m . Listen Live

Things to look out for in this pop video

What going on in the last second of the video? Who are the people on the mirror?

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