Dying Of The Light!

Written by on May 25, 2023

The Parlophonics


BIO Electric supergroup

BIO Electric supergroup, The Parlophonics (founded 2020), found their true calling as a threepiece rock outfit by working together long distance in perfect harmony. Lead vocalist Hugh Macdonald, guitarist and bassist Robert Horvath, and Fernando Perdomo on guitar and drums blend their individual sounds to celebrate their mutual love of retro British Rock and Pop music. With Macdonald based in London, Horvath recording in Dresden, and Perdomo rocking all the way in North Hollywood, The Parlophonics stay true to their independent vision without being backed by a major industry label.

Dying Of The Light

Their latest release, Dying Of The Light, is a true tribute to UK classic rock with The Parlophonics own indie twist on their musical style. ALBUM REVIEW Indie rock trio The Parlophonics newest release, Dying Of The Light, showcases the long distance musicians’ passion for a retro sound. The tonal harmonies between band members Robert Horvath, Fernando Perdomo, and Hugh Macdonald feels like the band is performing in the same space, although they create together remotely. Dying Of The Light is masterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner Zach Ziskin. The moving cover art is courtesy of Klaus Voormann, rebounded artist recognized for designing the Beatles Revolver album cover. Standout guest spots by Marcella Detroit of Shakespears Sister and Denny Seiwell, drummer of Paul McCartney’s band, Wings, tie this record together from the moody title track to the last song for all to enjoy. TRACK REVIEWS (CD KOOL KAT MUSIK, NJ – catalog# PURR 2254)


11 Great Tracks

1.”Fill My Sky” combines vocal harmonies with impressive instrumentals for an exclusive standout start to the album. The intricate classical guitar interlude strikes suddenly to create a moody anthem meant for fans of classical music to enjoy each intricate note from beginning to end.

2.”Reading Kerouac” is a feel good song on the album with a deeper meaning. Through the voice of Marcella Detroit, The Parlophonics deliver a steady surf rock anthem with darker themes that appeal to literary fans and new listeners alike.

3.”Believe In Something” is a meaningful anthem with the grooving sounds of 60’s rock and sweet harmonies between the Parlophonics’ musical talents. A melodic guitar track soars throughout the entire song and an emotional solo midway evoke an optimistic mood that feels like the narrator is determined to find his happiness in love.

4.Shakespeares Sister Marcella Detroit and The Parlophonics bring the atmospheric track “The Dying of the Light” to new musical heights. Dreamy keyboard melodies and a lyrical theme of the unknown end catch the listener’s attention to get lost in the music. The album’s title track features The Parlophonics’ signature sounds and Detroit’s collaborative vocal talent.

5.”Heaven Can Wait” is a dreamlike ballad featuring the steady sounds of Wings’ drummer, Denny Seiwell. This inspirational song is a love letter of loss and hope with classic harmonies and sentimental guitar solos. This standout track from Dying Of The Light is showcased as a centerpiece to the full album.

6.“Underneath The Blue Sky” combines The Parlophonics with Shakespeares Sister vocalist Marcella Detroit to create otherworldly harmony and a fantastic single that showcases human emotions all can relate to. The beautiful harmonies blend together to display each attributed talent between each band member for a standout song on the album. Written by Robert of The Parlophonics and Marcella Detroit (who has also co-written Lay Down Sally with Eric Clapton and many more)

7. “Only A Lie” is another standout track from The Dying Of The Light with moody rhythms and a message of uncertainty. Lead singer Hugh Macdonald combines perfect harmony with The Parlophonics to display an anthem that wavers on positivism and confusion when it involves a breakup. The rhythm section creates a standout singalong single for the audience to interpret.

8.”Song For A Lost Friend” by Badfingers Pete Ham is a powerful closing track to the album with lyrics that can be interpreted as sarcastic or sentimental. This honest anthem features definitive percussion and guitar riffs that gain power throughout the song. This final anthem produces power from the first note to the end with spectacular instrumentals in between. Bonus Songs on the CD release:

9. Our alternative mix of “Paper Smile” showcases vulnerable lyrics of heartbreak and melancholy while keeping a brave face. This moving ballad exhibits The Parlophonics’ trademark melodies and is included as a bonus track on Dying Of The Light for returning fans and new listeners alike to feel the music together.

10. This alternative mix of “These Days” is a love letter from father to his young son with a beachy vibe for a family singalong. Heartfelt and optimistic, this bonus track is included in Dying Of The Light to showcase The Parlophonics’ energetic influences and diverse range of musical flair.

11. “Staring At The Sun” featuring the twangy vocals of Rae Jarvis is the last bonus song on Dying Of The Light to demonstrate the early (2009) and diverse abilities as musicians. This collaborative track expresses frustration in a relationship and delivers a rock n’ roll song with attitude.



Facts: Band: The Parlophonics Album: Dying of the Light Release: May 5th, 2023 (Digital and CD)

CD Distribution: KOOL KAT MUSIK, NJ Album cover art: Klaus Voormann Mix Engineer: Zach Ziskin Special Guest: Marcella Detroit (Eric Clapton, Shakespeare Sister), Denny Sewell (Wings, Billy Joel) Links: Homepage:

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https://parlophonics.com/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/artist/3Ouw7SrjQ17R9Iu3Z4y0ID Apple: https://music.apple.com/de/artist/the-parlophonics/338287430 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJoMJ8NANCvGma_89c1JH1A Linktree: https://linktr.ee/parlophonics 3rd

Party Reviews: Rock Era Magazine: https://www.rockeramagazine.com/album-dying-of-the-light-by-the-parlophonics/ Plasticmag: https://plasticmag.co.uk/2023/05/13/the-parlophonics-releases-new-album/ Mesmerized:

https://www.mesmerized.io/the-parlophonics-share-stunning-album-dying-of-the-light/ Indiemusicflix: https://indiemusicflix.com/movie/the-parlophonics-dying-of-the-light/ Egarallenpoets: https://www.edgarallanpoets.com/dying-of-the-light-is-the-parlophonics-album-out-now/ Saiid Zeidan: https://www.saiidzeidan.com/dying-of-the-light-original-album-by-the-parlophonics/

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