Meet author Rosemary Allix

From a background in journalism and editing Rosemary Allix, September’s author of the month moved into
fiction writing and went on to study at the University of Sussex
achieving a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Her first three novels,
My Sister’s Song, The Long Crusade and The Buddha of Sherwood Forest
explore themes that cross time. “I love stories that work at different
levels,” Rosemary says. “Books you can enjoy as highly readable
adventures but also carry a powerful message.

The Buddha of Sherwood Forest is the best example of this, a tale
about the exploits of the outlaws of Sherwood Forest but more subtly
exploring the five roots of suffering according to Buddhist teaching.”
All Our Precious Things_ is set completely in today, a mother and
daughter relationship about what goes wrong when you suddenly have
everything you ever wanted. Her latest publication _Quilting An
Elephant_ is a collection of blog posts compiled on a four month world
cruise (while learning the craft of quilting).

More on the background of the author of the month

Rosemary lives in Brighton and is a presenter on Coastway Hospital Radio
with her programme The Book Corner. Find out about Rosemary Allix, her
writing and poetry, her Buddhist studies and more at her WebSite
Rosemary’s Web Of Words

The radio interview

UK Talk Radio  author of the month for September rosemary Allix chats to lunchtime presenter Jonathan Hines





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