Fun at the Xmas party. The best of the BreakfastShow

A Humorous look at what not to do at the office Christmas party.

Keep your bottom away from the photocopier at the office Christmas party! 😅 Just some of the humorous advise Geoff and Steph will be handing in the podcast below,  to give you a good laugh. Other advice includes not asking your boss for a pay rise when you’re drunk or kissing your boss. 😂 These are the highlights from your breakfastShow Monday to Friday 6 and till 9am. Listen tomorrow to enjoy more great humour and fantastic music. It’s the only way to wake up weekdays.

Yes the Office Christmas parties have started and you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. There are plenty of things you should avoid and there are some things you should do. It’s more than those sausages on the stick you’ve got to watch out for!


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