The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset

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The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset

The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset
The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset

 Everything from how to stop smoking in Poole to weight loss


Wes Thomas stop smoking in poole interview


Wes Thomas has monthly radio slots on two radio stations

Wes was spotted in 2017 by a local radio station where he helps people to stop smoking in Poole and Bournemouth. Since then Wes has been spotted nationally by UK Talk Radio and Zack FM in Suffolk where he helps people to stop smoking in Cambridge. Both radio stations feature Wes Thomas on monthly radio slots because of his expertise.

You can stop smoking in as little as one session!

Smoking cigarettes can be a frustrating dilemma for those who want to quit and become healthy. Every smoker knows it’s very bad for them and their life would be so much better without cigarettes, so why would they carry on? It’s actually quite simple, people smoke because they’re under the impression (or illusion) that smoking does something pleasurable for them. So when they attempt to quit this so-called “pleasure” they usually struggle and end up relapsing. Sound familiar? This is a classic case of having mixed feelings of both pleasure and pain associated towards smoking. If you try to abstain from cigarettes by using willpower, but do not change the cause behind it, then it I can almost guarantee you’ll have a lot of internal conflicts, and probably return to smoking in the near future.

In the January interview Wes Thomas explained to Geoff Carter how he has helped people stop smoking in Poole and now for the whole UK and the United States

Lose weight now with Wesley Thomas

You don’t need to read the latest statistics to realise that a large percentage of the population has ballooned up in weight in recent years. Weight gain in our society has reached epidemic proportions, just go outside to any public gatherings and look around, it’s that blatant. So what’s going on? Well, we are living in more affluent times than ever before, and quick fix foods with little nutritional value are ever ready, all around us. So many people have now become so habituated into eating out of convenience instead of what’s best for their body, and therein lies the problem.

Discover more in the February interview below as Wesley Thomas talks to Geoff Carter from UK Talk Radio.



Wes’s story

After leaving my hometown of Grimsby in my early twenties to venture out to Los Angeles, it was there where I kind of fell into the field of addiction, behaviourism, psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I became fascinated with master therapists and leading NLP practitioners who could relieve someone that had been struggling for years with an addiction, a depression, a phobia (or many other vices) in as little one or two sessions. Needless to say, I was hooked with this new paradigm of therapy, so I made a decision to study, practice and master this technology so I could help others.

After years of diligent study, and a 2500 mile relocation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I formed a practice and started to help people on a full-time basis with very impressive results. Without sounding egotistical I became so proficient at helping people in one or two sessions that I decided to include a full money back guarantee. When people saw that this was a risk-free investment, with nothing to lose, my business really gained momentum from word of mouth, with refunds being almost non-existent.

Now, after relocating back to England, I founded The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Poole, where I once again present people with a risk-free proposition of guaranteeing the result that they desire in as little as one session. Making changes is simple (if you believe it to be so), it does not have to take weeks, months or years. Many challenges can be eliminated quickly and efficiently without going through a lot of pain.
1 Grand Parade, High Street, BH15 1AD Poole, Dorset
BH15 1AD
  • The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset
  • The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset
  • The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset


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The 1 Stop Therapy Shop in Dorset

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