Discover two great fiction writers

Discover two great fiction writers

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Discover two great fiction writers
Discover two great fiction writers

Two great fiction writers


Drew Neary became interested in history, science fiction/fantasy and conspiracy theories in his teenage years. This prompted him to write short fiction stories over the years.

Ceri Williams has always loved language, and after a 5 year stint in advertising and journalism, now writes supernatural horror and fantasy. The Clockmaker is their first book and forms part of an upcoming series from these amazing fiction writers.

The radio interview

Two great fiction writers on the radio! Ceri and Drew chat to UK Talk Radio’s Jonathan Hines  about their great new book The Clockmaker.

A photo of fiction writer Ceri and Drew

Ceri & Andrew are a little different as they co-write. They do write separately on occasion, but the important content of the writing come from blending what they have written; discussions around ideas and next steps.

Ceri and Andrew’s writing chemistry together as a writing duo is indeed a great pairing that results in a creative flow where 5 hours working together can seem like 1 hour ! Keep an eye on this truly original writing duo for more addictive journeys into the world of supernatural thrillers.


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Discover two great fiction writers

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