Film Expo South 2018

Film Expo South 2018

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Film Expo South 2018
Film Expo South 2018

The film expo south and interviews below


Now in it’s 3rd year, Film Expo South has become one of the year’s most important dates for many hundreds of filmmakers looking to network and forge new relationships. We are pleased to announce the Film Expo South Seminar Programme of 2018. The google map below gives full details of this year’s venue and how to get there.



The radio interviews

Paul Sarony talks about the movie Mrs Brown with Judi Dench, Billy Connolly and more

Paul Sarony Film Expo South radio interview.


Simon Hasler on UK Talk Radio 

Jonathan Hines chats to Simon Hasler about his son Elliott Hasler, the youngest feature film director in the U.K. His work has been hailed as a “great achievement” that is “way beyond his years” with some citing him as “the next Spielberg”. Simon will be talking about the film ‘Charlie’s Letters’.

Film director Deanna Dewey

Jonathan Hines chats to film director Deanna Dewey who’s part of Film Expo South 2018………When three women take over the care of a dear friend and relative who has dementia, they get more than they bargained for when they discover she’s hiding her dead husband in the freezer.


Those cars aren’t real!

Eleanor Dupont Talks about Visual effects in the movies. You maybe surprised when you realise which things you see on the movie screen are not real. We also talk visual effects in world war Z which stars Brad Pitt

a photo of film

Film Expo South Monday 25th June

Adam Betteridge on Film investment 

Adam Betteridge talks film expo south and film investment


Barbara Jane Mackie chats about getting film investment for her musical Rumpy Pumpy and her television work including how the popular TV series Dangerfield was created

Chris Barfoot talks film investment on UK Talk Radio


It’s films, radio commercials and more with A D Cooper chatting to Geoff Carter


These are radio interviews for the film. Expo South in Southampton on Monday 25th June
The Stage Door
78 West Marlands Road, Southampton
SO14 7FW
  • Film Expo South 2018
  • Film Expo South 2018


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Film Expo South 2018

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