More About Your Hypnotherapist In Hampshire

More About Your Hypnotherapist In Hampshire

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More About Your Hypnotherapist In Hampshire
More About Your Hypnotherapist In Hampshire

Hypnotherapist in Hampshire

Guiding Light Hypnotherapy was set up in March of 2015.  Pete Sarginson from GLH explained to UK Talk Radio that his aim is to provide clients with a client centred solution to whatever problems that they wish to overcome in their life in a caring and ethical manner. As a hypnotherapist in Hampshire it is about you & working with you. Then finding the right solution to resolve the issues that may be blighting your life.

I am properly qualified and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, the General Hypnotherapy Register Standards Council and the Complimentary Natural Health Council and am also fully insured.

My main practice is from my home in Stubbington in Hampshire, but I also do part time practice at the Swanage Therapy Centre in Dorset, having connections in that corner of the world.

Peter On The Radio

Discover more about the fascinating world of past life regression with Peter your hypnotherapist in Hampshire and Dorset.

Your hypnotherapist in Hampshire


Understanding Autism

Your care, welfare and happiness are always the most important thing when you come to visit me. Generally a telephone conversation first helps to discuss what it is that you believe that I can do for you or help you to achieve. When you book a consultation with me you are always very welcome to bring your husband, wife, partner, friend or chaperone to be with you. This is something that I recommend if you feel a little anxious at all.

So what can we do for you? Well I do the traditional hypnotherapy favourites of weight loss, stopping smoking, phobias, anxiety, depression, fear of flying, dental fear & anything else that I may be asked to try if I believe that hypnotherapy is an appropriate treatment for that situation.

My real passion though is treating anyone who suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder whether they be Military, Emergency Service Personnel or everyday people. My background was twenty eight years in the Police Service, eighteen of those on the traffic department where I saw loss of life on the road frequently and very often the first at the scene to have to deal with it. Both my parents had a military background and I know that my father suffered with things that he’d seen and done.
I believe that those experiences have equipped me well to understand and help bring relief to what can be a living nightmare for those involved and their immediate family around them.

I also have an interest in working with those on the autistic spectrum, especially having taught paddlesport to quite a few sufferers whilst doing voluntary work at an outdoor centre. Hypnotherapy can help sometimes in re programming to bring relief for what can be a confusing and distressing time for sufferers. very often asked what it’s like to be in hypnosis? So here is my explanation. I want you to visualise a flight of stairs for me. At the top of the stairs is wide awake as you are now. At the bottom of the stairs is fast asleep. Hypnosis is somewhere around the middle of the stairs, about halfway up. You are not wide awake, but you are not asleep either. It is a dreamlike state, which is often referred to as a state of altered consciousness. If you smelt smoke or heard a fire alarm you would still be able to come to and react to them. If you wanted to use the lavatory you would be able to get up and do so; something which does happen with clients from time to time. You might feel a little drowsy but it’s quick and simple to induce hypnosis again.

It is while you are in a very relaxed state that I am able to work with the sub conscious part of your mind using Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and clinical scripts ( when appropriate ) to release and reprogramme the part of your mind that needs help.

This is sometime backed up by a recording ( CD or MP3 ) to take away and listened to, reinforcing the therapy. This assists in creating a new neural pathway for the new behaviour so that is become permanent in the end.

Believing that you can, is believing that you will. How can I help you?

22 Mays Lane in Stubbington,
PO14 2EW
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More About Your Hypnotherapist In Hampshire

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