Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher

Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher

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Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher
Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher

Life coaching with answers for life

Jackie Fletcher set up Transitions Life Coaching in Ringwood, Hampshire in 2002, having escaped corporate life the previous year.  She works with individuals who find themselves at a crossroads, either professionally or personally, helping them get clarity on who they are and what they truly want.

Jackie specialises in career coaching, in particular professionals who feel trapped in a career that seems stressful and unsatisfying but have no idea what they could do instead. Bringing her own experience of how difficult it can be to make such a move, she offers a  tried and tested holistic career coaching programme that enables her clients to find meaningful work they will LOVE to do, with the confidence and a strategy to actually make it happen.


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Life coach in Ringwood, Jackie Fletcher


Jackie explains about values in coaching

Do you know what your values are ? Why are values important ? Jackie will be giving us some fascinating insights into your personal values and why these are important when coaching a client. Jonathan Hines went to see Jackie for a taster session of Jackie’s coaching and he’ll be relating what it’s like to undergo a Values exercise with Jackie during this interview and how Jackie actually helps clients to understand what their individual values are.

How can gratitude improve our lives?

We all know we should be grateful for things and focus on the positives – ‘Count our blessings’. But how often do we do this and are we more ready to complain about and focus on the things that aren’t right than to be thankful for all the good things in our lives ? Jackie will be explaining to us just how powerful gratitude and appreciation is and how practicing gratitude and appreciation more often can radically change our mindset and how we feel about ourselves and our lives. In fact, Jackie will be explaining to us how her ‘Gratitude & appreciation exercises’ work in her life coaching. How can being grateful improve our lives? Life coach Jackie Fletcher explains…


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TLC founder Jackie Fletcher


For personal life coaching Jackie uses an inside out approach, pointing her clients towards an understanding of how they create their experience of life from the inside out. This reminds them how to connect with their inner wisdom and can lead to some liberating insights and much increased satisfaction and success with their professional and personal life. Coaching conversations are around clarity, self awareness, and expanding possibilities. All this and more from life coach in Ringwood, Hampshire, Jackie Fletcher.

You have a successful career but still something is missing

Jackie gives advice to people who ‘have it all’ and are in very good positions in their career but still feel very unhappy, stuck and unfulfilled, with no clue of what they really should be doing. Jackie explains how she helps them to discover what a better path would be for them and how to make that transition.


More on career coaching with Jackie Fletcher the founder of TLC

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  • Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher
  • Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher


Melanie Dawe | October 31, 2018
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Life coaching with Jackie Fletcher

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