MonZap for online payments

MonZap for online payments

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MonZap for online payments
MonZap for online payments

 Monzap: Sussex Community Economy 

The problem with cash is that you can’t send it over the internet but current electronic payments systems are not always fit for all purposes. You can’t send low value payments like a penny or even less than a pound, You have to have a bank account or credit card and you need the other persons financial details which means you have no privacy. Security is a problem and parents sharing their financial details for in-app payments is a recipe for disaster.

MonZap is cash on the internet, using an app on your mobile device you can pay anyone, anything at anytime and without transaction fees or loss of privacy. You can’t pay what you haven’t got.

MonZap Sussex Community Economy is designed to explore these issues and see whether MonZap, an electronic version of cash, solves these problems but perhaps more interestingly whether it opens up new opportunities not possible with existing payment systems.

Where we can download it from, links if you have them to the download.

We are doing a new page for the Monzap Sussex project, link to follow shortly.

The Radio interview

CEO David Everett explains more to Breakfast show presenter Geoff Carter about this amazing app


The advantages to using the app on your website or for your business

● MonZap button can be added for simple instant payments – e.g. donate button for charities
● One-click buying experience – more of a seamless payment method for customers with no registration processes – instant gratification

● Highly secure encrypted payments
● Financial inclusion and flexible for people who are underbanked
● Can boost local and social informal economy for community payment networks when using Monzap – ie Scout/girl-guide groups, childminders, window cleaners, local trade groups, markets, therapists, artisans

The benefits of using the app to send money rather than using services which charge money such as your bank or PayPal etc.

● No transaction fees
● Flexible for people who don’t have bank accounts
● Can be used directly within your own personal social media applications as it is exactly the same process as sending an image

● You can make small payments of any amount even a penny
● Independent from bank and government
● Gives empowerment and control to community

Discover more about MonZap

Be a part of this exciting way to do business online with MonZap




Microexpert, Gratwicke House, 10 East Street, Littlehampton,
BN17 6AW
  • MonZap for online payments


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MonZap for online payments

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