Can Doctor Who ever be female?

Tilda Swinton the first female Doctor Who?

Doctor Who – A Woman?!


It possible for a woman to do this job?

Peter Capaldi is leaving the TARDIS and hanging up his sonic screwdriver. Many people are calling for the next Doctor to be female. True fans say never! It’s been a male for the last six decades and it should stay that way.

The popular sci-fi series has been going since the 1960s and the main role of the doctor since then has always been a male actor. Now that we’re in the 21st Century isn’t it time we had a change? Is it time to move on from the old fashioned idea that the central character in this sci-fi TV series must be played by a man.


Many say the series would not look right after all these decades with a female Doctor Who. Fans are jumping up and down and saying it’s never going to work. Suggestions have included Olivia Colman, Tilda Swinton. Is that something you could imagine working?

Listen to the debate with Geoff Carter and Debbie Tarrier and comment. What do you think ? Is it really possible that a female actress could be the next Doctor Who? Would it work or is it doomed to failure. Would fans of the popular TV series turn off in vast numbers if their hero suddenly changed sex?

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Can a woman really be the next Doctor Who?


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