Can a psychic tell you when love is on the way?

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Can a psychic help you find love?

CAN a psychic tell you when that elusive Mr. Right is going to cross your path ? Do psychics just tell you everything you want to hear and never the bad stuff ? Do psychics get it right all the time ?

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how psychics and clairvoyants work, and some people are therefore very sceptical and cynical about this area, if not totally dismissive of these phenomena.
In this fascinating and enlightening discussion, UK Talk Radio’s resident clairvoyant and Reiki healer Susanna Clark of ‘3Soul Healing’ clears up some common misconceptions and clichés about psychic phenomena and how clairvoyants and healers work. Susanna will be addressing 7 of the most common misconceptions for us………


Find out more about Susanna who is a psychic at  her Web site



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