Positive self talk to change your life

Steve Wentworth on UK talk radio

The power of self talk

How do you talk to yourself ? What language do you use in conversation with yourself in your self talk? Positive or negative ? Maybe a bit of both !

Do you like yourself and believe in yourself ? Maybe not.

Spiritual counsellor, teacher and clairvoyant Steve Wentworth talks to Jonathan Hines in the studio about the often overlooked but sheer hidden power of loving yourself and using a positive language with yourself !
Many just don’t realise how incredibly powerful and transformative positive thinking and being positive and kind to yourself actually is.

Steve hasn’t always done this and thought this way – Steve had to start all over again from scratch after every aspect of his life collapsed and he found himself in crises which led to a complete rebirth.

Join Steve Wentworth below as he urges you to take a look in that mirror and love the person looking back at you!.This will change the way you think about yourself.



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