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How to ease the anxiety your child feels

Photo of Camilla Counselling psychologist at UK Talk Radio studios

Counselling psychologist Camilla Ponca helps with childhood anxiety

We’re talking alot nowadays about young people and mental health, and how it’s a growing issue. As a parent, you may be concerned for example that your son or daughter is spending hours on their mobile phone or tablet to the point of addiction.

So how is counselling young people different now from 20 or 30 years ago ? How does counselling young people differ from working with adults ? UK Talk Radio’s resident therapist and counselling psychologist Camilla Poncia sheds some fascinating insights onto this question, having worked with people of all ages but particularly specialising in youth counselling.

In the interview below, Camilla explains how she can ease the anxiety that your child feels :

How to get help from Camilla for your child

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