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Emotional eating interview with Ann Carver

Overcome Emotional Spending

Recent research by The Psychiatric College London reveals that one in two people in debt have a mental health problem. My name is Ann Carver, I was professional yoga teacher, mother and a wife when personal trauma hit. Emotional Spending became my way to deal with the turmoil and pressure, so I could carry on as best I could with my much-loved career. But unlike other addictive habits such as cigarettes and alcohol, emotional spending had NO debt warnings.

The worry, guilt and shame of over emotional spending effects your focus and performance at home and at workConventional methods of money help often fails to recognise and understand this big problem.

  • Logical budgeting gets ignored when you want to emotionally spend.
  • Loans give you the green light to carry on.
  • Financial advice addresses the money, which is not the problem!

Wealth Mastery Education enabled better habit building sustainable solutions to be developed. To conclude, there was no help for me as a professional pressured person. But I have made it my business to make sure there is for YOU. Know you are worthy of a life free from dependency, debt and despair. Believe me when I say there is a flip side.

You are Worthy and Worth it


Ann Carver Emotional Money Management Expert, Speaker and Author chats to UK Talk Radio breakfast show presenter Geoff Carter about her book and gives you help and tips in the online interview below




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