Ghost Hunting in East Anglia

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Ghost Hunting!

East Anglia – home to the Norfolk Broads, ales, quaint Lovejoy villages, beautiful coast lines… and abandoned RAF bases from the Second World War. Which are very haunted.

Join Graham Philpot and Vicky Matkin as they journey to one of Norfolk’s most haunted airfields – the former RAF Docking in the North of the County.

 RAF Docking was a satellite airfield for the RAF Coastal Command station at RAF Bircham Newton just up the road (which is VERY haunted) and was mostly used for overflow from there.

 A phantom airman has been spotted occasionally wandering either on the old airfield or on the roads leading up to it. Moans and screams have been heard in the long abandoned hospital that is set out in the remote – and very dark – woodlands. Lights have been seen in the old control tower windows in the dead of night – except, of course, there is no electricity to the building and it has effectively been a ruin for 45 years.

 So are these incidents local people visiting late at night and having a laugh in the off-chance that someone will hear? Or is there something more frightening a paranormal at play?

 UK Talk Radio sent Graham and Vicky to investigate back in the late autumn, when it had just got dark. What did they find? Ghosts, phantoms or did anything find THEM?


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