A kind health way to lose weight

A kinder way to lose those Christmas Pounds

After the Christmas tree has been taken down, many people feel guilty about their food and drink indulgences over the festive season, for it has taken a toll on their waist-line. So in January, many people rush to join a gym and put themselves on a strict diet. Yet, this can be a punishing and miserable way to start the New Year.

I know how hard it can be to lose weight—but there is a better way. Those of us who struggle with their weight know, deep down that diets don’t work. Most people know something more fundamental needs to change. That change is learning how to eat in a different way for life and being kind to yourself and your body. It includes eating more fresh vegetables and fruit with a good source of protein in every meal. Most of all it’s the realisation that you are precious so choose foods that nourish your body, is a much better approach. By learning just a little more about digestion, nutrition and portion sizes, you can find a way to lose weight more easily and keep it off.

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Jennie Bayliss: Life Coach, Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor and Emotional Healer chats to Geoff Carter



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