Humorous podcast. Who will wash up the cups ?

 Laughter time! The best of the Breakfast show podcast

Geoff and Bryan Wood are talking about people at home and in the work place who believe there is a magical fairy that washes up every dirty cup in the sink overnight! The humour in the podcast will give you a laugh.

Why don’t we get a queue of people in the office wanting to plunge their hands into the washing bowl and clean dirty cups? Perhaps we should have more staff meeting’s about washing up your plates after dinner. Enjoy the fun of our podcast. It’s who is gonna wash up the dishes.

The humour podcast

They also chat about those funny memos that get sent around the office blaming people who haven’t done their share of the washing up. Many people spend more time getting upset about washing up rather than doing work! It’s humour you won’t want to miss. Press play and enjoy our free podcast.




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