Hunger leads to weight gain!

Eat well and feel good

Below Jennie Bayliss helps you to understand how hunger leads to weight gain!


Jennie Bayliss chats to UK Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter. Gain insights into how hunger can lead to weight gain.

Jennie Bayliss’s healthy weight loss programme, Eat Well-Be Well, combines Naturopathic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Emotional Healing.

Jennie’s programs are not a diet, rather they help people change their relationship with food and their body so they can become and stay slim. Jennie teaches nutrition and digestion so people can fully understand how the body both gains and looses weight. As well as loosing weight during the 3-month programme, people notice changes to their well-being, energy levels and sleep as our health overall is influenced by what we eat.

The Eat Well-Be Well programs include the 7 Steps:

1. Healthy Clean Eating
2. Heal Emotional Eating
3. Understand Your Food Cravings
4. Adjust Portion Sizes
5. Intolerance Testing
6. Nutrition & Digestion
7. Find Your Way of Exercising

These work together so becoming slim is the natural outcome and staying slim is the new way of being.

There is a lot of misleading information and half-truths out there that makes it difficult for people to understand how to make good food choices. Jennie says, ”I’d like to encourage people let go of buying foods based on their calorie content and explain why buying foods labelled as ‘low fat’ may actually lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.”

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