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The Best of the Geoff Carter show free podcast for February  and March 2019



Enjoy the humour of Kev the boy racer going to Spain. We talk to Drew and Carri about their amazing book the Clockmaker. John Sackett explains more about stress and anxiety plus lots more

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A photo of a 1980's video game console-

Name the best 80’s or 90’s video game you ever played?

Geoff chats about the sounds,  the game play and the magic of those great video games we played in the arcades. All those great times we spent desperately trying to reach a high score as we blasted those aliens into a million pieces or driving hundreds of miles in car sim games.


In this podcast audio

Stuff from back in the day that we love so much that we want it brought back. Remember the VHS video recorder? Geoff Carter is joined by Sally as they try to remember how you had to set the timer on the recorder so that you could actually watch the programme and not just record half of it and miss the end because you had to have A levels to work the thing. That’s not the only back in the day gadget they will be talking about.



Play cheesy, classic clever or bad

A photo of money for nothing by dire straights


On the late night radio show we were talking about Dire Straits 80s music video, money for nothing. Have a listen to our podcast below and see if you agree with our opinions, then vote in our poll.  We would love to know what you have to say.



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