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MULTI-FACETED comedian Adrian Doughty

‘The Dyslexic Comedian’ has arrived at UK Talk Radio ! Hear his heartwarming story !

Peculiar mixture of talents in man – Adrian Doughty: dancer, drag artist, comedian, media manager, event organiser, PR king and all-round entertainer. Once a meat manager at Sainsbury’s, Adrian was destined to leave the world of mince and chops to cavort with the princes of pop, as he embarked on a dazzling career in media and entertainment.

As a promoter who is also an artist himself, Adrian has a unique insight into the delicate dynamics involved in reaching the public psychologically through the media and reaching the public directly from the stage. This is what has made him such an invaluable representative for so many artists and entrepreneurs.

His apparently endless list of contacts from all walks of life also make him a man that both media professionals and up and coming artists are desperate to do business with. But how did he come to have such a colourful variety of associates?

The answer may be surprising to you and may make him blush, but the truth is – he developed such a network largely through his irresistible urge to help people.

Listen here as UK Talk’s Jonathan Hines chats to Adrian for his first UK Talk Radio interview  –


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