Moon landing 1969. Hoax or reality?

Moon landings 1969 fact or fiction?

Are the Moon landing 1969 the greatest hoax in history?


A conspiracy on this scale must have involved hundreds of people. How were they all silenced? What would the American’s have gained from taking such a risky action to fake the moon landing 1969? The official footage does appear to be riddled with anomalies and inconsistencies about the Moon landings. What can we conclude from this?

Some say that it was all a hoax and that the Moon landing 1969  took place in a film studio on planet Earth. This can’t be true, the Russians would have detected this hoax on radar and taken delight in ridiculing The Americans. To believe anything else would surely be crazy and deluded.

Others say the Americans faked the moon landings because they promised to do this in the early 1960’s in a statement made by President Kennedy. So they had to find a way to make it look as if the whole thing was real or be ridiculed by the whole world. Their perceived power as the police force of the world would be diminished.

Debates on the moon landing 1969 did it ever happen

Moon landing 1969, fact or fiction

Join UK Talk Radio presenter Geoff Carter and conspiracy researchers Mike and Antony and make up your own mind.


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