I’ll always say Here we Go says Arpraxis

Written by on November 30, 2022


I’ll always Say ‘Here We Go’

Says Arpraxis


New London-based artist that is finally releasing songs from long back catalogue that will cover a range of genres from breakbeat jazz to uptempo dance floor. My record label is called FULL decompression. This track, HERE WE GO was written to inspire energy and remain positive at any time of the day. It’s a song to motivate, move and make you happy. Before I start something worth doing, I’ll always say Here we Go, so, Here we Go. This track by ARPRAXIS can be found in all major streaming sites. If you like this check out the others songs. A new track THE LOVE OF THE 80s is being released on 30th November.

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Here We Go!

More about  HERE WE GO first. This is the Sandy’s Love Mix – inspired by my wife who supports the music, provides a critical ear and most importantly is my inspiration. My guiding principle and approach to music and life is ‘do what you love and love doing it. Stay original. Push the boundaries of sound when you can and never stop learning’

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