Your past life revealed!

Spiritual counsellor and healer Steve Wentworth talks past lives….
Steve Wentworth, one of UK Talk Radio’s resident trusted advisors in all things spiritual and metaphysical will be talking to Jonathan Hines this month about our past lives. Steve has alot of people coming to him who are very curious about their past lives and want to better understand their fears and challenges in this particular life. Steve will be telling us how he takes people to a place of deep relaxation where information and memories from past incarnations can be brought to the surface.
Steve offers many workshops and services to help people on their journeys and in this fascinating discussion with UK Talk’s Jonathan he’ll be telling us about his own ‘Past life’ (within this life !) as a member of a boyband – and the party lifestyle that went with it ! -and then to the collapse of his business and whole life in fact …….. and how far his particular journey of enlightenment has taken him since then.



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