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A photo of The late night talk radio show presenter Geoff Carter

The laughs start on the free podcast download

Enjoy the humour of Kev the boy racer going to the beach with his long suffering girlfriend Shaz. Move your life forward when you get stuck with Bevis Moynan talking motivational mapping and Geoff gives you a laugh as he looks at the daftest songs ever written.

Enjoy the free podcast download!

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Enjoy Kev on the beach in podcast below


If you prefer podcast downloads that go straight to your phone or tablet for that long train journey.  You will find the download version of The Best of The Geoff Carter Radio Show  And the very funny they made a phone call there?!


Don’t forget to listen to the Geoff Carter radio show show Monday’s at 9pm and on the Friday Breakfast show from 7am. You can




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