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The Moon landings fact or fiction?

Debates on the moon landing 1969 did it ever happen

The moon landing  1969


Rate this 80’S Music video from the Human League


A picture of the pop video bsnd the Human League.Rate this pop video for Geoff Carter's the Friday show at 9 p.m.

Rate this pop video for Geoff Carter’s late night radio show every Friday at 9 p.m.

Seriously could a woman play this part?

Have your say, do you believe the new Doctor Who should be female or male?


Poll should the new Doctor Who be make or female?

Can a woman really be the next Doctor Who?


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  1. IS coffee good for you?
  2. Do you have too much caffeine in your daily life?
  3. Is it good for your health?
  4. Are we hooked on caffeine and can’t live without it?
  5. Do any of you find that coffee, particularly the percolated and strong coffee, doesn’t agree with you and even makes you feel a tiny bit unwell, after the buzz has gone?
  6. Do any of you feel caffeine is something you’d be healthier without but keep having it anyway?
  7. Do any of you feel slightly anxious on coffee and even sluggish and yucky after the buzz has gone?

Morning presenter Jonathan Hines is discussing the medical expert cases for and against caffeine.


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Survey poll results

You see them all over the Uk. They stand in the waters of our coastline, often seen on the horizon as you walk along the beach. They are wind farms.

We asked in our survey if you thought they were a waste of money that produce little or no electricity or do you believe that they are great for the environment and produce the electricity we need?

  • 55% of our listeners said; yes, wind farms are effective and are better than destroying the planet by ripping fossil fuel from the planet,
  • 44% of listeners said wind farms are a waste of money and don’t produce much electricity.
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