Hazel McLister-Brewer a third generation psychic.

Chat with a psychic

Mediums offer help and comfort to many people. Geoff Carter chats to Hazel McLister-Brewer a third generation psychic.

Hazel says that being a medium is as natural as breathing. I do not go in for strange incantations, rituals or mysterious la la land. Simplicity is my touchstone.

In my experience, those who have gone before us come back with loving care to prove that life goes on eternal and to give guidance and help to those who are here.

I am a medium with clairvoyant, clairaudiant and clairsentient abilities and although I use all three I work mainly with the clairsentient

I have been able to read the cards since my early twenties and am a regular reader at psychic events in the south.

I also do platform work for the spiritualist churches.


We find out what a reading is. Hazel also chats about the simple process of visiting a medium. Click play below as Hazel chats to Uk Talk Radio breafast show host Geoff Carter.



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