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Happy Halloween! As Autumn finally settles in, we at UK Talk Radio have been busy putting together some great new content for you to indulge in. We recently spent the day at the gorgeous Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth where we interviewed a number of upcoming guests who will be taking over our airwaves very shortly. Amongst them we had life coach Jackie Fletcher, who spoke to us at length about the importance of being grateful and how it’s never too late to pursue your dream job. Also joining us was Adam Smith from Bio Cold Press, a unique UK based juicing company fuelling the ever-growing trend of having an organic and healthy lifestyle. All of this to come and more this month on UK Talk Radio.


Flashback: What have you missed?

With so many great features and podcasts coming through UK Talk Radio, it’s easy for some to get lost in the cracks. Here are a handful to enjoy in anticipation of this month’s new content.


A while ago, we spoke to Bournemouth based median Susanna Clark about the common misconceptions associated with psychics as she discussed how healers actually operate –
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A throw back to when Geoff had a bit of fun before discussing his favourite song intros, a couple of which may surprise you… –
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You may remember UK Talk Radio once visited The George Hotel in Henfield. Read more here about why this cosy little 16th century building is the perfect country escape –
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We spoke before to Owen Kennedy Solicitors’ David Thornton to discuss the important subject of wills and probate and how best to go about getting prepared for the future –
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One lady’s amazing story

Woman with rare condition lives minute to minute yet has wonderful outlook on life

Having an illness that could kill us at any moment is a terrifying thought. But for Marie Clarke, this is a daily reality.

Marie, 34, from Kingsway, lives with a life-threatening condition called Factor V Leiden Mutation, which causes her blood to clot abnormally. This means that at any moment Marie could have a potentially fatal stroke.

Since her diagnosis in 2012 though, Marie has become an inspirational figure due to her positive outlook on life. This astonishing mindset has helped Marie throughout her illness and spurred her on to set up her business, ‘Precious Times’, that deals in wedding accessories.

Marie’s mother, Michelle Birch, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer, played an important role in instilling this optimism in her daughter. Despite the devastating terminal diagnosis Michelle received, Marie says her mother put quality of life first and lived her way.

Her mother’s lifestyle has had a long-lasting effect on Marie and has helped her establish the mindset that if you’re not afraid of dying you can make the most of living.

Marie explains more to Geoff Carter



On this page strike action on the trains and do you trust online gadgets?


Rema on the Radio


a photo of Radio presenter Rema

Rema on UK Talk Radio

Rema asks can this be right?

Rema on the Radio asks, can what they have done be right? Listen and tell us about it.


An unlikely but frightening addiction

Following the young girl’s admission to rehab, Rema spoke with an ex-gaming addict and the editor of the most popular family gaming site on why they feel addiction happens and how it can be prevented.


The Sun is out but many trains aren’t!

Here is our  radio phone in subject, you can also email your thoughts. The RMT Union have announced strike action over the summer holiday, surely when the children are on holiday to cause maximum disruption. Have to been caught up in this? Comment below, let our listener know how you’ve been affected. This is while the Boss of Network rail is to be awarded a CBE. He also earned over £820,000 last year. Many are outraged saying he is the man who has derailed the train service.


The rail debate audio is below

Do you agree with what people are saying in our radio report below

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This is a photo of the Uk Talk Radio phone ins subject the railways

What no trains? We talk misery on the tracks. Has it affected you?

Now, due to revised train services many services in the North are not running or have been cancelled and people are not getting to work on time, and relationships are suffering too !
If you thought our railway system was chaotically fragmented with so many different companies privately operating the railways of different regions, get this ! – Train timetables are normally drawn up 16 months or so in advance but these were drawn up and finalised just a matter of weeks beforehand ! We have a paradox whereby we have improvements, better technology and new lines…….But not enough drivers adequately trained for each of the individual types of trains ! Transport Minister Mr. Chris Grayling has been fiercely attacked by many over this bedlam but proponents of nationalisation would concur that it is very hard to know who to point the finger of responsibility at amidst such a complex system.

What can we do ? If you have suffered as a result of train chaos, let us know how you have suffered. As you have travelled on the trains, what specific problems have you noticed ? How do you think we can improve the rail network ? We would really love to know what you have to say ! Please use your voice now.

Listen to a debate below and be part of our radio phone ins or simply email and the best post get on air .



Should we trust devices like Alexa


A photo of computers for Uk Talk Radio subject should we use the internet

Uk Talk Radio phone ins subject should we use the internet?

Listen to the debate below on the internet and join in


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