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Rebel Camp With Awesome New Music

The composer of this song was left at the altar on his wedding day. Standing in front of a mirror and dancing became a respite from the depression he suffered as a result and it would become the inspiration for the track now Titled, Dance Dance Dance. Together with a friend and a Yahama PSR keyboard, and under a record time of 30 minutes, the core parts of the music were put together but then shelved. Several years later, the need to properly record it in a studio arose. Wanting to create a unique sound like nothing out there at the moment, led to collaborations with independent artists from around the world, with each artist given the freedom to interpret the song in their own way. This blend of styles contributes to the eclectic sound of the track to make it a work of art that stands alone.”



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 History Of The Band 

The absence of gigs, shows, and events during the pandemic gave rise to the need to stay creatively active through collaboration. The internet was the perfect tool to reach out to and work with artists of like-minds irrespective of their location.

Rebel Camp is formed of independent musicians from across the world collaborating over the internet. Our first collaboration was in Spring 2022 which saw artists from New York (USA), Miami (USA), Atlanta (USA), Lagos (Nigeria), and London (United Kingdom) come together in an incredible effort to release our debut single – Dance Dance Dance (Official release date – September 24, 2024). Our next collaboration Vivir El Momento (Official release date – Winter 2022/2023) involved award-winning independent artists from Bogota (Columbia) and London (United Kingdom).

Music composer and songwriter, Dare, oversees all collaborations from start to finish. He is also responsible for writing/co-writing, composing, and producing/co-producing the songs, as well as assembling the line-up of artists for each track. The immediate goal is to complete a full studio album by Winter 2024 featuring the very best independent artists on songs that music lovers everywhere can appreciate.


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