Why you benefit from seeing a therapist

Change your life with leading therapist Shomit Mitter

Shomit Mitter is a leading London therapist. He can teach you how to be what sportsmen call ‘in the zone’: a state of flow in which your desires manifest almost effortlessly. Shomit’s theory is straightforward: only by managing the world ‘in here’ will you be able to cope with the world ‘out there’. Whether you are in turmoil because of serious life difficulties, or simply want to ‘fly’, Shomit can give you the tools you need.

A photo of Shoot Mittter therapist

Shomit Mitter explains more about seeing a therapist

In this month’s fascinating and powerful interview, in the first part Shomit talks to Jonathan Hines about seeing a therapist and overcoming the stigma about this and the fear of seeming ‘weak’. Shomit also talks about the ‘Higher power’ or ‘God’ that people have talked about being with them when they’ve achieved great feats or surmounted huge obstacles……but how does Shomit view this ?

In part 2 Shomit Mitter talks to us about young people and mental health. Why are so many young people having difficulties and have we damaged this generation to such an extent that so many need help ? We’re also asking Shomit if we’re becoming too in touch with our feelings and are we forgetting how to just pull our socks up and ‘get on with it’ ? Finally this month, Shomit clarifies and debunks just what ‘mindfulness’ is and isn’t. Is all this mindfulness stuff just self-indulgent ?


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