Self protection to feel safe when going out

Self protection, self defence interview

Self protection for peace of mind

Below Bryan Wood is talking to Malcolm Jones from Self Protection Ltd who started doing judo aged 13 and has a background in martial arts including karate, Tiquando and boxing. Malcolm will be talking about the scenarios that people go through that are made very real including getting verbal abuse and are attacked after being shown techniques to deal with threatening behavior and being aware of your triggers in your body that are warning you something is about to happen.

Self protection

UK Talk Radio interview on self protection

Self protection

Malcolm will also talk about after the sessions when people are brought back to normality so do not leave feeling scared or overwhelmed. Malcolm explains people sometimes forget the techniques until you actually need them then they return in instinct. In the interview one lady showed once she was threatened it all came back to her. Another lady was given self worth enough to buy herself a sports car after a considerable amount of years of putting herself down and believing in herself due to a bad domestic relationship.



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