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The Adventure Stories of J A Ratcliffe

Julie Ratcliffe is a Dorset-based writer and author of the children’s series, Smugglers’ Town Mysteries. Writing as J.A. Ratcliffe, Julie’s books are fast-paced, exciting adventure stories set in late 18th-century Hampshire. They follow the escapades of three children and their friends who find themselves pitching their wits against the local smuggling gangs.

The stories are based mainly around Christchurch, which was an epicentre for smuggling gangs due to its isolated location. Stretches of sandy beach and large harbour with narrow entrance made it ideal to land goods whilst avoiding the attention of preventative officers. The books are written in a historically correct context, making them an interesting insight into life at the time.‘Research is key to ensuring the stories are authentic,’ says Julie. ‘But my focus for the Smugglers’ Town Mysteries is definitely on the plot and making the story as unputdownable as possible.’

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Julie is in demand at schools, libraries and festivals and enjoys talking not only about her writing, but of smuggling and its history and life in the 18th century. The books, The Thirteenth Box, The Face of Sam and The Moonrakers of Avon are available in paperback, OnLine , from retailers around Christchurch, on Amazon and to order at any bookshop. Also in e-book for Kindle.

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