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What is a spiritual journey?

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What is a spiritual journey?

THIS month, UK Talk Radio’s resident clairvoyant, teacher, writer and spiritual counsellor Steve Wentworth returns to the studio to discuss a recent blog that he published, clearing up some common mistakes that spiritual people make and some common clichés and misconceptions about being ‘spiritual’…….

What exactly does being ‘spiritual’ mean ? Does it mean that everything is blue skies and rainbows, pink and fluffy all the time ? Does it mean that life will be perfect and that everything will just fall into place if you trust ‘The Universe’ ? Does being a spiritual person mean you’re on a higher plane and wiser than other people ?


Steve Wentworth on

Steve Wentworth on UK talk radio

Are people on a spiritual journey perfect?

And does being on a spiritual journey mean that you can never get angry and you always have to be nice and kind all of the time, that you have to be a pushover or monk like all the time ?

There are many naff clichés and also common misguided ideas about being on a spiritual path, so Steve Wentworth shares his profound but very pragmatic wisdom with us in this illuminating interview, ‘7 Mistakes that spiritual people make’…..

Steve chats more about the spiritual journey.


Steve has more to say, more  guidance me to give. Steve has a fascinating helpful web page


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