Steve Wentworth healer and spiritual teacher

Steve Wentworth is a healer and spiritual teacher

Steve shows another way to find happiness. That’s on the radio soon!


Hear Steve Wentworth talking about the spiritual life. The fact that we spend so much time basing our happiness on the material world. Is there a better way? Discover more in the interview feature below.

Steve Wentworth is a spiritual teacher, life and business coach, healer and author based near Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK.

Steve is a regular featured expert on UK Talk Radio. Shows include a range of topics, including philosophical discussion, practical advice on personal advancement and self-improvement, as well as methods for spiritual empowerment and unfoldment.

He is a contributing author on the Simple Reminders Network, with work soon to be published in print, as well as regular articles featured on his website and across the web. Steve has previously appeared on national and local radio, as well as television appearances on Sky, ITV and recently making an appearance for BBC Children in Need. His work and life story have been written about in national and regional press, recently featuring in one of the UK’s most popular spiritual magazines, ‘Chat it’s Fate’.

As a spiritual teacher, Steve’s role is to serve as a catalyst towards finding your own spiritual truth. He is not here to tell you what to see, but only to help guide you where to look and empower you on your personal spiritual journey. Through his writings, social media presence, website, media appearances, workshops, one to ones and Facebook Live Stream videos, it is his aim to help as many people as possible to open their eyes and minds to possibilities other than the material world, encouraging personal spiritual exploration no matter what cultural background or spiritual starting point.

Steve attracts an international client base, working with individuals in-person, via Skype and by telephone, as well as teaching groups primarily based in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Steve works with people from all walks of life and assists a host of high profile clients including, performing artists, published authors, government officials, multi-national CEOs and global business leaders with bespoke spiritual strategies and intuitive guidance.

Learn more about spiritual strategies and placing less important on the material world as Breakfast Show presenter Geoff Carter talks to Steve Wentworth. Enjoy!

If you would like to book a consultation, reading, healing session, spiritual development workshop or want to learn more about Steve’s work, visit his website simply, Click here 



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