Steve Wentworth with tips on Love and relationships

Steve Wentworth help tips on Love and relationships

Steve Wentworth with tips on love and relationships

UK Talk Radio’s resident spiritual worker, clairvoyant, teacher and author Steve Wentworth is back in the studio for his monthly slot, this time talking about……relationships !

Some 80 per cent of readings that Steve carries out for people are based around love and relationships generally; In fact most problems people approach Steve with surround relationships or more specifically relationship difficulties.

Why are love and relationships so important and more importantly why are they often so challenging ? Big question, but who better than Steve to shed some light ion this minefield…..

Rooted in Steve’s several years of helping and reading for people from all walks of life, he will be in the studio giving us his 3 ‘Top Tips’ for more fulfilling and empathic love and relationships…..
Click below to hear these golden nuggets from Steve Wentworth …..



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