The Draconus War By Cam Roze

Written by on November 4, 2022

The UK Talk Radio Author of month Is Cam Roze

The Draconus War: An Abrupt Incitement

The Awesome New Book By Cam Roze


The Draconus War: An Abrupt Incitement

Flamose, a newly formed being, King of the Draconus Ventures forth to create an army. when he realizes what his race is meant for, from Kisira, He vows to free them all. Can he actually pull it off?


About The Author

Cam Roze is an author who is proud to announce this as their Debut novel. The idea Cam has behind their novels, is to provide original worlds and concepts in a fantasy setting. The author also has aspirations to release a few different series. At 28 years old, he publishes this novel, as the first step in their journey as a writer and an author. every time this book is purchased it makes his endeavours as a writer seems more possible. This Novel originated from the authors nightmares from a young age and continues these novels in hopes to rid the nightmares.

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