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You can’t stand the stress?

Patricia Jack, UK Talk Radio’s resident wellbeing facilitator and hypnotherapist will be taking your questions on how we can truly relax and make time for ourselves. Stress and busy lives can have a direct link to our physical health and lack of relaxation and time for ourselves can result in physical symptoms, ill health and ailments. Patricia will be helping us to relax and to make time for ourselves .

When you get home from work is your mind constantly nagging you?

Do you find it hard to switch off?

Get your questions about relaxation in our stressful lives to us by Friday 17th August at 12 Noon. We will select a few questions from you the listeners to put to Patricia on her next feature for September 2018.

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Your questions and Comments are welcome.

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Patricia Jack on UK Talk Radio

NLP in Bournemouth as Jonathan Hines chats to UK Talk’s resident well-being facilitator Patricia Jack about soul healing”.

Send us your questions to studio@uktalkradio.org


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Mapping Motivation for coaching by Bevis Moynan & James Sale 

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Hear the interview and discover how motivational mapping will help you discover more about your direction in life.

Respite hotel celebrate  7 years

Pam has made great friends at the Grove Hotel in Bournemouth. This respite hotel is amazing and Pam explains more to breakfast show presenter Geoff Carter

Author of the month

Jonathan Hines chats to author of the month  J.A Ratcliffe about her work and her latest book. We often feature writers on the best of Uk Talk Radio.

To hear more of our writers click the tag for authors. They  have written some interesting books that we are sure you will enjoy reading.

This is a photo of Adventure stories with author JA Ratcliffe




I believe we should take care of ourselves in the most natural waypossible. I draw upon these skills to create a life balance – to behealthy and happier.

I qualified as a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram, India in1983. I found the ancient Hindu Philosophy teachings very interesting
and helpful personally, and as a therapist.

​In 1982 I became interested in Shiatsu and started the 3 year
training at the British School of Shiatsu from 1986 – 1989, and in 1990
qualified as a teacher.

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