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This January at UK Talk Radio!

How can we make our new years resolutions come true? How can we stick at them and be successful? John Sackett from Swans Therapies offers you powerful suggestions. So start living your new life today!

Flashback: What have you missed?

With so many great talk radio features and podcasts coming through UK Talk Radio, it’s easy for some to get lost in the cracks. Here are a handful to enjoy in anticipation of this month’s new content.

This is a picture of the ghost show for UK talk radio

Join the team on a ghost hunt. We look at ghost sightings and ask if you believe in the supernatural after hearing the ghost show

Listen to the ghost radio show

What can a career coach offer you? Jackie Fletcher has changed her work life and she can do the same for you. Listen below for more.


Geoff and Sally say if Dire Straights video Money for nothing is cheesy, classic, clever or bad. Listen and rate this video.

A throw back to when Geoff had a bit of fun before discussing his favourite song intros, a couple of which may surprise you… –
Full feature here

We spoke before to Owen Kennedy Solicitors’ David Thornton to discuss the important subject of wills and probate and how best to go about getting prepared for the future –
more here


Take a look at the programme schedule for online broadcaster UK Talk Radio. We’re here for you 24 hours a day.

The UK Talk Radio schedule 

Through the night

10pm until 7am, great chat, lifesyle and interviews. The midnight on Monday and Wednesday. Midnight until 1am, humour, debate and lifesyle with Geoff Carter

See UK Talk Radio schedule for our shows...UK Talk Radio contact details phone number and email.

The Breakfast show with Geoff Carter


A photo of Uk Talk Radio presenter Geoff Carter on the breakfast show and the best of 10am until 1pm Sunday

The Uk Talk Radio schedule starts with Geoff Carter on the breakfast show 7 until 9am Monday to Friday and the best of 10am – 1pm Sunday


Join Geoff Carter for ‘Rise & Shine’. The breakfast show starts our schedule at 7 a.m. Live in the studio with members of the station’s presentation team, looking at the topics of the day and discussing fun things to get you laughing, thinking and emailing us here at UK Talk Radio. Naturally, it’s the best way to start your day!

These are the topics we are talking about, join in!


Don’t forget to join Geoff for his cult Late night radio show. Monday and Friday from 9 until 11pm. There’s Kev the boy racer driving through the studio in his Ford Escort and causing skid marks on the studio floor, there’s conspiracy theories and load more to entertain you in the evening. Why not be the Sponsor the show?


Presenter Geoff Carter starts the UK Talk Radio schedule off with the breakfast show and the best of 10am – 1pm Sunday

9AM until 12 midday 

UK Talk Radio morning show

Holly with the morning show 9am until midday

Hit the play button to hear UK Talk Radio listen live. Hot the arrows on the right to take the pop up player off this page. That is cool!

Holly Loveland features great interviews and features with his lively morning show!

Midday until 3PM 

UK Talk Radio

The lunch Time show. Midday until 3pm with Jonathan.

Jonathan Hines is here with some thought-provoking topics to see what you think, with his unique anecdotes and observations on life. Why not Sponsor this popular show?

3pm until 6pm Bryan Wood 

UK Talk Radio drive show

Bryan with the Afternon, Drive show from 3 until 6pm

What do you think?

These talk radio subjects are on Geoff Carter’s Monday late-night radio show every Monday at 9 pm and Friday’s breakfast show 7 am.

Email now.  Tell us what drives you mad. Miserable people who work in shop, bad drivers, people who grumble!


These are the subjects were talking about

Click here to take part


The midnight hour radio show

12 midnight untill 1 a.m and the late show Monday and Friday 9pm

Geoff has everything from conspiracy theories to funny observations on life

Geoff has everything from conspiracy theories to funny observations on life

The Midnight Hour with Geoff Carter including some fantastic features and some fun as well plus great music from the 70s to the current day.

1am until 6am great interviews and music as our presenters keep you company through the night.



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