How do we to stop people dropping litter?

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Litter dropping !! It’s a bugbear for many people and many really get annoyed by this anti social behaviour. These thoughtless people chuck litter down and ruin our beauty spots and streets ! We’ve tried many things over the years to get on top of this problem but it still lingers on, like the rubbish on our roads and pavements ………

For this Top topic. we’re asking – Would another hard hitting TV campaign get rid of this problem ? Though we’ve tried many across the decades, maybe if we worded it differently this time and made it more hard hitting it would work !
In Toronto, Canada for example, anti-littering poster campaigns have used emotive language like ‘Low life’ in reference to people who drop litter……

Maybe you think that another TV campaign will not make any difference at all and we need a totally different and innovative approach…….Maybe you think we just need to appeal to people’s better nature or you think with these kinds of people that would be futile.

The debate

UK Talk Radio’s Jonathan Hines and Debbie Tarrier have a heated discussion on this issue and wrangle with some opposing views.
So will ANOTHER TV campaign have an impact ?


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