Wills and probate with Owen Kenny solicitors

A Radio interview about Wills and probate advice with Chichester solicitors Owen Kenny

Owen Kenny UK Talk Radio’s Chichester solicitors with advice on wills and probate.

In this enlightening and reassuring interview, Owen Kenny Solicitors’ David Thornton joins Jonathan Hines to give us some clarity and great advice on that all important subject of Wills and probate. This is an area that will affect most of us in our lives and David Thornton gives us some good advice also on being well prepared, not burying our heads in the sand…….. and most importantly avoiding family conflict and messy situations being left behind for relatives after the passing of a family member.

 your of the wills and probate team at Owen Kenny solicitors in Chichester

Imogen Manuel, David Thornton, Emily Allchurch and Rachel Cook from Owen Kenny solicitors

These UK Talk Radio legal interviews are there to give you the listeners a good overview of many areas of law and some reassurance, particularly for those who have never used a solicitor before and are a bit daunted !



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